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Between them, Scott and Becka Brady have 50+ years of ministry experience and a deep calling to make a difference in people's lives through authentic sharing, mentoring and speaking. They both were in long marriages, experienced the pains of divorce, and today they walk in the joy of healing and renewed purpose with each other.


By inviting Becka and/or Scott into your life or group you will receive real-life help through transparent sharing of struggles, paths to healing, and guidance into purpose. 


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Shadow on Concrete Wall

“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.”

- Jonas Salk

"After an extraordinary year of multiple traumatic events and deciding to take my life back, I attended an event that created an opportunity for God to plant one of his angels in my path.  A very random meeting with Becka resulted in me signing up for her mentorship program.  Becka has been a significant help and support in helping me to define my life’s purpose, which keeps getting reiterated from many different sources. Becka’s understanding of my struggle, her collaboration and faith-based teaching is exactly what I have been yearning for without knowing it.  Her program is well thought out and designed to get to the core of your desire and passion.  Her overwhelming desire to guide and mentor by allowing a safe space to explore your thoughts and fears, dreams and hopes without being judged or criticized is why I love working with Becka.  She is one of his Angels sent to provide guidance.  Her heart and thoughtfulness, her love and caring, her wisdom and knowledge, is what sets Becka’s mentoring program worlds apart from any other."  

- Roxanna G.

Mentoring Hope Testimonials

“Becka's one-on-one Mentoring Hope sessions allowed me to set aside much needed time to explore and expand my vision and goals. Becka has been a welcomed partner in my efforts to dare to dream again. I have found these coaching sessions monumental in my journey.”

- Laurene K.

“Becka is an inspirational and spirit-filled speaker who encourages and inspires others to transform their lives. Through her own journey to freedom she pours out love and understanding to those who have endured hurt and are seeking healing.”

- Jessica D.


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