Meet Becka

Mentoring Coach - Keynote Speaker - Writer

God has placed a calling on my life. A call to reach others by sharing my story. Offering hope and restoration.

Let’s meet! I’d love to hear your story.


Thank you for stopping by!!

I hope you will find peace and safety in this Corner of my world. 
As a child I was intrigued by my little corner spots. I would sit for hours playing and make-believing. As a grown-up I have realized that inside our soul places we have corners that are packed full of the moments and memories of our lives. I choose to open the corner of my heart and share these places with you.

Hope can come in many ways to feed your longings and bring you to a place of peace.  

Be blessed today and remember that it only takes one mustard seed of Faith to believe. You are worth everything and living fully today is what matters. 



A Journey Of Hope