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Becka Brady

"I am a woman determined to think outside the box. I am driven to share my story in many different ways with those the Lord puts in my path. I have often been told that I'm trying to do too many things at one time. However, I have a deep urgency to help others and make up for the many years I lived my life guarded, hurting inside and afraid to share because of what people would think of me and the many adversities I was facing for many years alone. I have come to know that we all have powerful stories that can make an impact on others. I choose to be a woman of authenticity. God has placed a calling on my life. A call to reach others by sharing My Story. Offering hope, restoration, restored peace and a grace-filled life."  - Becka

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Becka's Story

When Becka was a senior in high school, she began feeling the Lord calling her into full time ministry. She went on to attend Bible College and then served in full time ministry for over 25+ years. Becka had twins who are both now grown, married and have children of their own. Blessing Becka with four amazing grandchildren. Through her life, Becka, continually desires to point others towards God's love and grace showing them the way God sees them - as valuable and worthy. Becka finds much joy in helping others learn to understand who they are and how much God loves them. 

Becka loved raising her twins for over twenty years as a stay at home mom, as well as, working jobs on the side that would develop her skills of entrepreneurship. She says often that there is not one minute of those years she regretted being a stay at home mom. It was a joy and a privilege to invest those years into her kids lives. Becka was a young momma and became an empty nester in her late thirties. Her forties were spent healing from the blows of divorce and today she is enjoying life with her husband Scott. 

Becka has had a journey of deep adversity and many challenging life issues. Through them she has learned that it is possible to heal and find freedom from pain. Her motto for many years now has been EmbracingJoy2Day! This isn't a flippant saying in her life, rather a set of powerful words that have continued to give her the strength to put one foot in front of the other and persevere through these times she has faced of trauma, loss and struggle. 

Through the years Becka has had the privilege of mentoring many women in leadership, helping others discover their true purpose, mentoring women into healing, hope, freedom and being set free from abuse. Becka is an entrepreneur at heart and delights in teaching business development skills, small business growth strategies and the tools needed to develop a successful digital platform. Becka has the ability to listen effectively, relate to real life issues and communicate clearly without judgement.

Schedule your 30-Minute Discovery Call with Becka to learn more about Mentoring Hope Programs and having Becka speak for your next event. 

Scott Brady

"Over the last thirty years I'm grateful to have been part of seeing the lives of hundreds of men transformed. It would be my privilege to lead and mentor you in that same journey." - Scott 

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Scott's Story

When he was in junior high, Scott began to feel the Lord calling him into ministry. After graduating from Bible College he went on to pastor and church plant. Over the course of three decades he pastored three churches and had the privilege of planting and pastoring New Life Church in Pleasantville, Iowa from 2001 to 2019. Scott's heart for people is that they experience God's love and grace in a personal and powerful way. He has seen many lives changed over the course of his ministry years and watched as people learned to understand who they are and how much God loves them. 

Scott is the father of seven grown children and seven grandchildren (so far!). He loved raising his kids over those thirty years and often coached their ball teams, attended sporting events and took them on mission trips. Today Scott is enjoying life without those responsibilities and spending time with his wife Becka. 

Scott has experienced and walked through much loss over the last six years. Including the death of his mother and father, divorce after a thirty six year marriage and leaving the pastorate to heal. Scott brings compassion, a tremendous understanding of how difficult life can be and an ability to shine the light of God's grace into any situation. 

Through the years Scott has discipled and mentored many men in small groups, friendships and leadership. Scott has the ability to listen effectively, relate to real life issues and communicate clearly without judgement. 

Schedule your 30-Minute Discovery Call with Scott to learn more about MENtoring with Scott, MENtoring Group Programs and having Scott speak for your next event. 

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