Effortless Love - Learning To Fall In Love With God

Written By: Becka Brady Do you know that God loves everything about you? In order to love others, we have to learn to love who we are first. Falling in love with how God sees us will help us have a much more successful relationship with our friends, our family and our significant other. If we don’t care about how God made us, then we end up treating others with the same devaluing behaviors in which we treat ourselves.

God specifically tells us in his word to “ love your neighbor as you love yourself”. He also says to “love the Lord your God with all your heart”’. It is pretty clear that love is undeniably important to God.

So many people spend an incredible amount of time hating things about themselves. Which only makes loving others that much harder. Before you can figure out how to love others have to learn the art of acceptance and love towards YOU.

Treating yourself with disrespect can definitely lead to settling for much less in relationships. Violating our bodies and our hearts. In the long run if you don’t change the pattern to valuing who you are instead of devaluing yourself. This behavior bleeds over into your most important relationships and you end up treating others the same. That’s how important self care and learning to see yourself the way God sees you really is.

Learning to LOVE God first is key. Our relationship with him is the catalyst in moving us closer to acceptance of who we are and how we will love our neighbor as we love ourself. Learn to fall in love with God. Seeing how much he loves you will fill your life up with more hope, acceptance and love than you can ever imagine. At that point loving others correctly will come with ease and enthusiasm. Effortless love!!!

The way God made you is absolutely no mistake. He actually calls you His Masterpiece. He knitted you together inside your mother’s womb. He sees you...loved and incredibly valuable. Start today embracing yourself in a new light. Learning to love and accept how God created YOU.

Think about this: What obstacles stand in your way to self acceptance?

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