What We Believe

Updated: Jan 11

What we believe about ourselves is contagious!!

Written By Becka Brady

What we believe about ourselves is contagious!!

This was powerful for me this afternoon as I sat down to read and refocus my thoughts and emotions. To bring my thoughts captive into remembering and believing what God thinks about who I am.

“Empowered women and men know they will go in the direction of their most prominent thoughts. They understand that their thoughts create what they become so they’re careful what they think. Likewise, God wants you to imagine truths that produce success for your life, not defeat. When you discipline your mind to see the victory in your spirit before it mani­fests, you develop a champion mentality and position yourself for a victorious life. So focus on the things God has revealed to you. Use your imagination to see life through His eyes and watch His goodness unfold.”

Studies have shown that our minds produce 50,000 thoughts per day. Many are repeated thoughts from the day before. But many are new. The most interesting fact that jumped out at me is this: Two-thirds of those daily thoughts are negative. Yikes!! That’s when I recalled the verse in the Bible that speaks clearly of bringing our thoughts captive...bringing them into alignment with Gods truth. Breaking the process of negative thinking.

When we make this a daily activity to change the habit, something incredible happens. The old saying rings true...”As we think, we become.” We will not only start to feel better about ourselves, but others around us will see us different and start to treat us differently.

Remember my friend...What we believe about ourselves is contagious. This last part below that I discovered today is a huge reminder for us. I know it has been for me today. Digest it and keep it close to your heart.

“Our imagination is a powerful tool, but pointed in the wrong direction, we perish. Without vision and divine guidance we succumb to the giants in our lives. The devil knows how important our imagination is. That’s why he took one of the greatest weapons we have and perverted it into his counterfeit version—fantasy.”

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