Story Listeners

Updated: Jan 11

Be a change-maker and a story-listener!

Written By: Becka Brady

Inside each of us lies a story—one that holds the ability to have an effect on the lives we touch each day. Through the years, I have learned the effect that sharing your story has on others, but more importantly, the gift you receive in becoming a story listener.

When I was a little girl, my favorite place to be was tucked up in a corner playing for hours with my make-believe friends and journal paper, making up stories and pretending about the amazing adventures I would take. These moments led to a passion to write, share, ask questions, listen to others and learn how amazing people are. I’m intrigued by the story that lies inside each and every individual who walks this earth. We all embrace and embody an individual place that most often gets tucked away in the corners of our hearts.

It is a pleasure and true joy to open up this corner of my heart to you.

I encourage you toward a challenge: Find one person with whom you can share your story and one person with whom you can practice becoming a story-listener. In making this investment, your life will be changed for the better.

Be a change-maker and a story-listener!

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