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Partner With Us

Thanks so much for partnering with us!

Your prayers, encouragement and love gifts of financial support helps us as we grow "Corners Of The Heart" by providing a place where others can identify their purpose, experience healing, authenticity and transparency - filled with grace and acceptance. 


Your support also helps to further the mission God has given us to provide a safe place where women and men can come together in community to build strong connections, encourage one another, inspire and grow deeper towards restored and grace-filled marriages, families and single life. 


See below for further details on how you can become a Corners Of The Heart Partner

Prayer - Encouragement - Financial Support

You can partner with us in several different ways: 

Join the Team

You can join the Corners Of The Heart Team through being a valued Prayer Partner, Encouragement Partner, and by becoming a: Friend - One Time Partner,  Sustainer Circle - Monthly Partner,  Partners In Hope - Mentoring Hope Partner,  and a Keepers Of The Flame - Special Projects Partner. 

  • Giving Partners: Because of the generosity of our Corners Of The Heart Partners, Scott & Becka can travel on weekends to churches, small groups and events to speak, Provide Bi-Monthly Video LIVE Events on "Into The Corners With Scott & Becka", Develop - Write - Create materials for our Mentoring Hope Programs, Develop - Organize - Plan Ladies Retreats, Couple Retreats and Single Adult Retreats providing care and assistance to groups, leaders, couples, singles in need at limited costs.

  • Prayer Partners: Your Prayer Support is important and needed as we extend hope, restoration and healing into other's lives. Praying is by far not the least you can is the MOST important thing you can do for Corners Of The Heart. Even if you are not able to support Corners Of The Heart financially at this time, we believe God will empower His work through Scott & Becka as a result of your prayers.

  • Encouragement Partners: We value your encouragement towards the vision and purpose of Corners Of The Heart by spreading the news of what God is doing through your areas of influence. Would you consider SHARING on your Social Media Platforms, Blogs, Inviting us to meet your family and friends, Inviting us to speak at your Small Group, Your Church, Business Networking Events and more. 

Giving Partner
Hope Embraced, Extending Grace! 
Giving Partnerships

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

* Gifts are not tax deductible. Corners Of The Heart, LLC. is a Ministry and is not yet set up as a 503 c non profit.

We are a "for-profit ministry" through Relate Leverage Connect Media, LLC and our DBA is Corners Of The Heart, LLC.
* We are happy to provide you a receipt for your support to our ministry upon request. 

* We would also love to add you to our Subscriber List as one of our Valued Prayer Partners and Encouragement Partners. You will receive our monthly newsletter and our monthly eBooks. 

We value your partnership and thank you for believing in Corners Of The Heart! 

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