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How Can We Serve You?

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Corners Of The Heart's Vision: Corners Of The Heart exists to provide an authentic approach to real-life situations through encouragement, grace, understanding and unconditional love. With a combined forty plus years, Scott and Becka have served Jesus Christ and those is churches, small groups, business networking groups and more with compassion, understanding, and faithfulness. Their servants hearts are characterized by grace, wisdom, and love. God has blessed both Scott and Becka with gifts and experiences He has used to build His Kingdom and serve His purposes.


Through "Corners Of The Heart" Scott and Becka are able to bring assistance to those who are seeking:

  • Mentoring

  • Speaking to churches

  • Caring for pastors and their families

  • Understanding the needs of ministry and those who serve daily in these roles

  • Bringing encouragement to marriages

  • Empathy and support to those who have experienced divorce

  • Offering a biblical model to help parents learn to nurture confidence in their children.



Mentoring Hope for Ladies

Mentoring Hope offers one on one mentoring with Becka for ladies only.

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Mentoring Hope Ladies Groups

Mentoring Hope offers group mentoring where you and nine girlfriends can walk through our Mentoring Hope Programs virtually led by Becka. Read More


Invite Becka and/or Scott To Speak

Whether speaking for women’s events, business networking groups, or self-care retreats, Becka’s goal is to move you towards restored hope. 

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MENtoring for Men

MENtoring is our one-on-one mentoring program led by Scott. 

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MENtoring Men's Groups

Our MENtoring men's program offers group mentoring where Scott will lead you and nine other guy friends on a journey through out Mentoring Programs. Read More


Join Our Facebook Groups

Whether speaking for men's events, business networking groups, church conferences, marriage events and pulpit interim, Scott's goal is to move you towards restored hope. 

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“Becka's one-on-one Mentoring Hope sessions allowed me to set aside much needed time to explore and expand my vision and goals. Becka has been a welcomed partner in my efforts to dare to dream again. I have found these coaching sessions monumental in my journey.”

- Laurene K.

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